Passper WinSenior Passper WinSenior


2020-06-23 10:09:58

I locked myself out of my computer, I tried some free methods but they didn't work for me. Passper Winsenior is well worth the money.

By Henry Edington


2020-06-08 13:30:53

I just don't know how, but I forgot my computer login password. I want a way to access my computer and I chosed Winsenior. It fixed my problem with just a few clicks. Definitely worth a trying!

By Annabel Quon


2020-05-26 20:02:33

My colleague resigned and the password she left didn't work. Therefore, we were unable to log in that desktop. Thanks to Winsenior, we removed the password successfully.

By Christina


2020-04-26 11:07:22

I purchased a Passper Winsenior-1 month plan to unlock my Microsoft Surface. The software absolutely worked for me. Cool!

By Thomas


2020-04-02 09:31:35

Your software works! I successfully created my own account with password.

By David Lade


2019-07-13 07:57:15


By salim


2019-07-09 04:31:26

please give my a free gegitration please be cause i don't have mony

By yassine kader


2019-05-30 14:45:11

This is a powerful and well-designed Windows password recovery tool based on rainbow tables.

By Frank


2019-05-28 21:55:00

This Windows Password Recovery is an excellent password restoring tool that allows you to get back lost password within a few minutes.
iMyFone Passper replied:Thanks a lot! 

By Mark S


2019-05-28 10:50:00

The Windows Password Recovery is by far the best Windows password recovery tool available. It's fast and easy enough for a first time Windows password cracker with a basic knowledge of Windows.

By Jeanette E. Dickerson

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